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There are a lot of new and unexpected challenges in private and business these days caused by changes on the globe, to master the challenges, it often helps to talk and work with a solution-oriented person with experience in life and in business to either find and generate solutions for the present challenges or/and increase your comfort zone for today and for the future by winning security.

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Hope is not a strategy

To improve the understanding of the root curse to existing or upcoming challenges in business, it’s often helpful to get an outside view, second opinion on the business demands.

Adding knowledge to improve strategy, processes as well organization needs. Additional knowledge will help to generate or improve strategies to secure and improve business, get prepared for future challenges.

We offer senior consulting knowledge for all business demands, strategy, process management, change management, implementation support local and global, as well temporary management.

Our focus is on businesses up to 250 million Euro in the service, production, logistic and medical industry

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Never to late to change

Life is challenging in all dimensions, in private life, with the family or in business. We as human are influenced from daily experiences, our childhood, and our partners. Most of the time we can handle our challenges alone and find solutions.

But sometimes is it helpful to talk to a coach about your situation in business or private to understand what drives you, what drives your emotions, your power, your behave, your happiness in life.

To increase the understanding of yourself, an experienced coach can help you to get a different view on past or actual challenges, get a better understand of your emotions and can help you to understand your areas you can’t see, feel, or understand.

We can offer experienced coaching for all situations in business and private. … we are only a call away …

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Get acknowledged on first page

You offer a great solution, or product, or information, but nobody acknowledged you are existing, ready to go?

To improve your visibility, focus on your core customer, an improved Cooperate Identity (CI) will help to increase your visibility, your recognition, and the professionality of your organization.

A Cooperate Identity is far beyond a homepage, it is the presentation of your business in all dimensions to the outside, to your customers, supplier, and investors, but also to the inside, to your team, your processes, your trademarks, and strategies.

We can help you to improve and implement an advanced Cooperate Identity based on your todays and future needs.

We can offer longtime, advanced knowledge in Marketing combined in an unique combination of consulting and coaching. .. write a message to get in contact …

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We believe in HI

There is always a solution

I believe in “Human Intelligence” (HI) as the key to be creative in life and business. Thinking out of the box and staying young in mind and soul is the key for a successful and happy life …

I started the Artco3 company to help other humans and business owner with my 30+ years of experience in several areas of the industry with local and global responsibilities for .. development .. production .. logistics .. services .. marketing .. sales ..general management ..

In my mindset, I always think about the solution and not on the problems, I have a strong believe in humans and their ability to change, humans are in my opinion the real value of a company.

I still believe that human intelligence (HI) is way more important than artificial intelligence (AI) in the future to solve problems.

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